Greyhounds As Pets NSW

While the $1 million first prize captures the imagination on the racing side of the series, it is not the only focus of the GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase. Just as important to GRNSW, and the industry, is what the event can do to promote the ongoing welfare of greyhounds.

The GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase fits with GRNSW’s strategic plan to place animal welfare at the centre of the blueprint for the future.

The local, national, and global interest of the GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase will be channelled into awareness and support for the Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) NSW program.

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) is the industry-run program responsible for assessing, fostering and re-homing greyhounds retired from racing or those not suited to a life as a racing greyhound.

Every participant in the GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase series will be required to commit to re-homing their dog at the end of its racing career, ei­ther through the GAP NSW adoption pro­gram or a private re-homing provider. They can also choose to keep the greyhound as a companion animal for themselves.

The event will also highlight GRNSW’s target to raise $1 million in donations for the GAP program.

GRNSW aims to raise money several ways throughout the GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase series, including race entry fees, donations made online, donations made at each of the 12 tracks staging races, contributions from a Gala Luncheon to be held on the day before the Grand Final and through net proceeds raised from gate takings on Grand Final night, October 20, at Wentworth Park.