The GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase is a landmark race series supported by the NSW Government’s Community Development Fund, GRNSW and corporate sponsor Ladbrokes.

The series will be staged between September 3 and October 20, 2018, at 11 Regional NSW racetracks and Sydney’s Wentworth Park and carry total prizemoney of more than of $1.8 million; the series culminates in a Grand Final at Wentworth Park on October 20, 2018, where the winner’s prize is $1 million, making it the richest greyhound race in the world.

Apart from being an enthralling, entertaining and highly competitive racing event, the GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase will also promote GRNSW’s commitment to animal welfare and new re-homing initiatives, with the event highlighting GRNSW’s target to raise $1 million for the Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) program designed to re-home dogs after they have retired from racing.

All greyhounds in Australia are eligible to be nominated for the GRNSW + Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase, but a condition of entry is that participants must agree to re-home their greyhound into GAP or an equivalent program after its racing career, unless they decide to keep the greyhound as a companion animal for themselves.